Saturday, January 17, 2009

Resolutions for the new yr…...

From now onwards, I wont spend half of my life communicating (read gtalk, sms’ing) with people.

Ill try to get a job…

Remember that the sole purpose of attending a class is attendance….

Organize pics before I get so irritated with their sheer volume that I start deleting them indiscriminately…

Stop crying over lost opportunities, i’ve already lost them and crying won’t get them back.

Doing less of the damsel-in-distress act (iv perfected it!!!), coz there won’t always be people to rescue me.

Do more of normal responsible stuff and less of the bizarre and careless things that I usually keep doing.

Do one thing wholeheartedly, instead of doing everything and then getting irritated, which is my usual state…like there are things that I love doing, which I won’t abandon at any cost…

Stop matiyaoing…ummm…well…no comments….this is an actual new year resolution (which means it won’t be followed)…and it expires in 3 days from the date of manufacture.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. jst happened 2 bump across this post....

    and it is my sincere belief that u have introduced a new epitome of contradiction in the blog-sphere!
    2 elucidate my takes u 17 days of "matiyaopan" 2 draw up a new year resolution....n then u aver u'd "Stop matiyaoing"

    ....i rank this height of contradiction even higher than "My indecision is final"!......n all the best in ur endeavour :) !

  3. and have you managed to keep your resolutions? i have given up on even bothering to make them. they don't last more than a week (and thats when i apply my will to the maximum). thanks for the comments on my blog, btw. aprreciate it :)

  4. Agree with Shade here... 17 days of matiyaoing to post this blog...

    And I guess things are back to normal now and all the above wild fantasies have been dumped in the garbage can... :P

  5. this is a bit boring actually.....
    i actually expected retaliation from the author herself instead of u guys' comments....
    goes to bolster Primate's opinion "...guess things are back to normal now",same matiyao lyf :P